Get Involved & Volunteer Opportunities

Whatever your ability or special interest, we would like to get you involved in ACLEW through one or more of its venues, programs, services or special events. There is always more work to be done and never enough helping hands - human resources to get the work done. Additionally, donated financial, service, equipment and expendable resources are always in demand and welcome. We operate our three venues year-round and have a wide variety of seasonal activities and events to choose from. ACLEW partners often with the Great Lakes Consortium for International Training and Development (GLC) and occasionally is in need of host families and drivers for guests visiting Toledo and the surrounding area.

Seven Eagles Historical Education Center, our outdoor historical and environmental center in Grand Rapids, Ohio also has loads of volunteer opportunities for individuals and group projects. We will begin posting our work party days and dates on Facebook (see link below) due to the wild weather conditions and not being able to count on good weather.  Just drop out or call 419-290-0995 to confirm we will be there or if you have any questions.  Visit our Facebook page at: 

Please contact the Common Space office at: phone 419-531-2046, or fax 419-531-5049.