2019 SUMMER CREATIVITY CAMPS                  
Join our seasoned staff and send your children or grandchildren to the most creative summer arts camp in the Toledo area.

Six exciting, fun-filled and education weeks of Creativity Camp are offered for this 34th annual season. AND, a special one-day Family Camp Day at our Seven Eagles EARTH Historical Education Center. 

Campers (age 6 to 14) may attend one or more or all of these summer day camps.

Each week is different and designed to spark personal creativity.


(5) July 29-August 2 - MORE OF THE ARTS AROUND US 


Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.
Extended care—Members only:
7:30-8:30am & 4:30-6pm.
TUITION includes arts supplies, not lunch:
General: $150 per week
Members: $140 per week
Discount: $5/week for additional child(ren)
* Seven Eagles Family Day Camp - July 2nd only; 9am-5pm; fee: $50/family, no transportation provided. 

A $25 non-refundable deposit per child is required. Cancellations must be received one week in advance. Deposits are applied to the last week of camper registration.

Download the brochure and registration form soon.

Creativity is all about exploration! Children are naturally inquisitive and creative and given the opportunity to explore with guidance, can build upon their skills and transfer the creative process to everyday life and learning. We are offering 2 weeks of our ‘more traditional‘ Creativity Camp that includes the works… 2 art classes, theater class and dance class all interspersed with creative writing and some math, science and history; 2 weeks of specialty focus camps; and 2 weeks of Art All Around Us - focusing on how art makes the world 'go round' in nature, at home, school, work, shopping, everywhere. Each week concludes with a Camper Showcase on Friday at 4pm for parents and friends.

¨ In Art, we explore a variety of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art materials and techniques including: clay, painting, printing and sculpture to develop manual dexterity.
¨ In Theater, we explore character, storytelling and issues to develop skills in personal expression in everyday life, as well as on stage performance skills.
¨ In Dance, we explore personal movement, patterns and rhythm to develop coordination and personal expression through movement.

Campers should be registered one week in advance to ensure enrollment. This is not a daycare program. No drop-in’s. Teaching artists are professionals and have a weekly curriculum. Campers take their artwork home. Camper Certificates will be awarded weekly . 

Our special focus weeks are offered for campers to immerse themselves in the artistic process, focus on creating and have time to reflect and improve the product’s quality. Each week is limited to 30 campers—who will be divided into 2 groups. Each group will participate for one-half day in each Art and Theater program. Each camp will conclude with a program for parents and friends on Friday at 4pm.

Focus Week: Painting/Mixed Media, campers will use acrylic paints, watercolor paints and mixed media to create flat and relief paintings. Emphasis will be on building skills while creating attractive works of art.

Focus Week: Theater, campers will create and stage a play from scratch based on their story(s), a personal or public issue. Techniques include: improv, characterization, vocal training (pitch, projection, tone) storytelling and ice-breakers to start the day. Costumes, props, sets and technical equipment will be utilized as needed.

Focus Week:  Ceramics/Sculpture, campers will explore clay, wood, plaster and other material used in 20th Century contemporary and abstract art. Emphasis will be on building skills and creating lasting works of art.

* SEVEN EAGLES HISTORICAL (EARTH) EDUCATION CENTER FAMILY DAY CAMP Families are invited to enjoy a full-day exploring Native American and Pioneer villages and life including: early Ohio history, archery, tomahawk throwing, fishing and nature to see what came before us and how it relates today. The Trading Post will be opened at the end of the day for souveniers and historical item purchases. Pack your picnic lunch and n/a beverages for the day. A traditional wood campfire will be available for grilling your lunch if you want to.

You can check out some of the activities the kids were involved in last year by browsing through the photo gallery here .